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The moment you look down and see that little plus sign the wild ride of Pregnancy and Motherhood begins.  Like motherhood, pregnancy can be one of life’s most joyous occasions.  For me, pregnancy brought a new struggle I wasn't ready for,  my changing body.  I carb loaded to help with nausea I didn't want to get dressed in the morning and hated how I looked and felt in everything.  After carb loading in the 1st trimester to help with nausea, by the 2nd trimester, I saw a number on the scale I'd never seen before (or imagined I ever would).  Even though the rational part of my brain said, "It's O.K.  Baby is healthy and so are you!" that number was very hard to face.  Connecting with moms and moms to be alike, I realized just how these feelings are among women during pregnancy and into postpartum. Ive always believed in delivering styles that complimented the female form but it suddenly felt more personal.

Lucky Mama is a collection of styles designed for women to wear, love, and cherish through every stage of pregnancy and well into motherhood.  Influenced from personal experience and asking moms the simple question "why do maternity clothes suck so bad". It was important to create pieces from quality fabrics that could be worn comfortably regardless of weight gain and look great on women of all shapes and sizes because no two bumps are the same. I hope shopping our collection you are able to find styles to truly treasure and love throughout your pregnancy.  If there is a style you'd love to see us add or have questions or feedback I'd love to hear from you at  Below I've listed the 6 pieces I'd be lost or naked without.




The Isabella Fitted Midi

$ 41.00